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Why use Mail Back Recycling? Simply put it's fast, easy and convenient.

Our program is designed for people and businesses like you that may not have easy access to a recycling program for electronics and other difficult to manage recyclables. Perhaps you live in the city or live in a town that has limited recycling options. Either way, Nationwide Recycle By Mail is here to help.

We have designed the program that it is easy on you and the environment with common sense in mind.

When you work with us, we do not send you a box you would use to return your item for recycling.

That makes no environmental sense, you end up generating more waste to be recycled, while trying to recycle your waste! Yet other mail back services do just that, creating an infinite loop of waste generation!

Instead, we simply send you a Pre-Paid Mailing Label that may be affixed to any sturdy box and sent to us using the United States Postal Service.

When we receive your item(s) to be recycled, we will process the material in compliance with all local, state and federal recycling rules and regulations. You may rest assured that your material will be handled correctly while you and the environment benefit.